Slug in a Jug

Producent: Orchard Toys

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  • Three fun rhyming word games, including silly sentences, find the rhyme or rhyming pairs.
  • Develops language and literacy skills
  • Three games in one!
  • Suitable for ages 5-9
  • Slug in a Jug is a lively rhyming word game with three progressive ways to play - silly sentences, find the rhyme and rhyming pairs!
  • In 'silly sentences', players have to match rhyming pairs and try and say them both aloud in a sentence that will get everyone giggling! Children are encouraged to rhyme longer sentences as the more rhymes you find, the more points you get! 'Find the rhyme' and 'rhyming pairs' are matching pairs games suitable for slightly younger children who are just starting to learn rhyming patterns. In every variation of the game, children can learn the different types of rhymes through listening to the words being said aloud or matching colour coded patterns.
  • Featuring cute and colourful illustrations and a mixture of simple and complex words, the cards can also be used as flashcards to teach spelling, sounds and phonics.
  • Contents:
    48 rhyming picture cards
    1 instruction leaflet
  • Educational benefits:
    Encourages Discussion
    Promotes Language and Literacy Skills
    Encourages Observational Skills
    Develops Personal and Social Skills
    3 Ways to Play
  • Publisher: Orchard Toys,
    Age: 5-9
    Number of players: 2-4
    Language: English
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